Search Process


The staff at Crabtree & Eller has Hired, Trained, Managed, Developed and yes on occasion fired people over many years of Sales and General Management responsibilities. We know, as you do, finding and retaining key transportation personnel is critical to long term success. Finding the right personnel requires a large investment of time and resources. We take your investment very seriously.



As with all well executed projects, you have to start with an objective. We all know that the objective is to hire the most qualified and best candidate for a given position. It is the parameters within this objective that are critical to success. We will work with you and your staff to develop all of the following:

  • A well written, precise and enticing Position Description.
  • A detailed “Ideal” Candidate Profile.
  • A Market Analysis to include target companies and industries to source from, compensation parameters and an analysis of trends and competitive issues that pertain to the specific job to be filled.

Having a well developed and organized Search Profile ensures a mutual understanding of the search objective, and will allow us to search with a clear understanding of your needs.



Experience tells us that the best candidates are not necessarily looking for a new opportunity, nor are they likely to post their resume on any job board. When we talk about conducting a search, we mean just that, WE SEARCH! We have over fifty combined years of accumulated contacts and colleagues to draw from.

With the Search Profile parameters clearly in focus, we actively pursue candidates that fit the profile. We handle all prescreening and interviews. We focus on demonstrable success and aptitude in professional, educational and personal accomplishments. We listen and evaluate communication skills, attitude and enthusiasm.

Once a select and qualified slate of candidates is identified, we will extensively review each candidate with you and your staff. Upon your selection we arrange for all interviews and initial communication. As the process moves forward, we are happy to facilitate all communication and negotiation with your direction.

Remember, “We’ve been where you are!”, while an effective search does cost some money, the alternative of making a hiring mistake or having a prolonged opening is much more costly. The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” really applies here.