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We work with a lot of candidates who are applying to our various jobs and one thing we notice is a lot of our candidates have a less than presentable resume that will most likely hurt their chances of landing the job they are applying for. It’s sorta like the Sales person making a sales call on a new client who is all decked in nice business clothes but neglected to shine and sole edge their shoes! What kind of impression do you think he/she made on that new client? What are the chances that Sales person made a successful sale?

We have tried to help out those candidates with really poor resumes (format and/or content) the best we could, but we don’t have time during the interview process to also redo resumes. When we tried to help, the candidate would come back with a resume that was only partially corrected as to what we advised. It just didn’t work well for either side and we wasted time on top of it. That is what finally led us to set up our own in-house resume service.

What happens when a candidate submits a less than presentable resume? The hiring company may just flush that candidate as someone who doesn’t care enough to submit a professional looking resume (format and/or content). You could lose job opportunities and extend your job search time. Can you get hired with a poor resume? Probably at some point a hiring company will hire you despite having a poor resume if whomever is reviewing your resume follows a hunch (your resume hides those golden nuggets of performance that applies to this job) that you may have the experience they are looking for. I know because I have done the same thing with candidates. Sometimes I guess right and other times I don’t. If I don’t have time to mess with it I put that application in file 13. Is that what you want? If you are willing to live with that, you can stop reading here. You don’t need us; you need a lucky charm.

Resume Purpose:

The purpose is simple; to attract the hiring managers’ eye and attention long enough to say I want a person like that on my team and I need to check them out further. The resume will make you look professional as it is organized, pleasing to the eye and full of good performance results. Your resume will show you can perform at a high level over a sustained period of time and your past history of success is an excellent predictor of your future success. That’s it.

Crabtree & Eller Resume Service:

Having prior hiring manager experience in Transportation for Operations and Sales, we know what the hiring managing is looking for in a candidate. We know the key check points that most hiring managers use to quickly screen to see if that particular candidate is going to make the “visual first cut”. That’s where your resume pays for itself. If you don’t make that quick visual cut you’re done. The resume we prepare for you will meet those critical visual checks. Then we make sure the rest of your resume highlights your performance as well as your peer group ranking, if you have those details available. This is the part of your resume that puts you in a position to get into that face to face interview and into the final cut. If you don’t have it and other candidates do, you are done and you get the BQA (Better Qualified Applicant) notification.

Since our core job is to place you into the right job we are sensitive to the timing of having your resume done so it won’t jeopardize your chances of missing out on an opportunity just because your new resume and cover letter aren’t ready. Most resumes services aren’t recruiters so they aren’t sensitive to the fact that you need them ASAP to apply. Since we know the timeline of our own jobs, we will adjust our service to ensure you don’t miss the job opportunity you are applying for. We’ll let you know that upfront. If you just want our resume service and you’re not applying for a specific job we’ll still have it done no later than 5 working days.

Our package resume service includes:

  • A professional looking resume that highlights your achievements and peer group ranking
  • The appearance will be professional looking and pleasing to the eye
  • Your resume will be organized so as to eliminate confusion and mis-perceptions by the reader
  • You will have a professional cover letter that lists 3-5 bullet points that ties your experience to the Job requirements of the job you are applying for. No bland generalities here!
  • Free CV & Resume storage in case you lose your files.
  • Free updates to your CV & Resume for up to 1 year from the date you hired us.
  • Reduced rates for CV & Resumes anytime past 1 year.


Our rate starts at $225 and increases from there depending on career length, job title, and job complexity.

To get started:

Please click on this email link: and we’ll respond within 1 business day and most times the same day. We’ll be happy to discuss our pricing and what we need from you to get started.