Combined Experience. Deep Industry Knowledge.
The Crabtree & Eller recruiter team has some very experienced sales and transportation / logistics professionals that drive the success of this quality transportation recruiting company. We have over 85 years of combined experience in sales and sales management; and over 55 yrs of management experience with a Fortune 500 Global Transportation Company in operations, sales, and labor relations.
Global Supply Chain / Logistics Experience

We have “Big 5” consulting experience in global supply chain and logistics, distribution optimization, process improvement, software evaluation, overseas management experience and 3PL.

Industry Knowledge

We can truly say “We’ve been there and done that” when it comes to transportation and logistics. Our prior job experiences have taught us the importance of professionalism, quality and communication. Our in the trenches experience in sales and operations is a rare commodity in the recruiting field.


Transportation & Logistics Recruiter

Steve Eller worked over 20 years for a multi-billion dollar global Fortune 500 company in a Senior Management role. He was involved with domestic and international transportation in operations and sales management. He also dealt with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters which involved 3,000 Airborne people and 26 Airborne Stations. He handled grievances, arbitration and contract negotiations. In addition, he was over the warehousing and distribution. Earlier in his career he was ranked as one of the top 2 Sales Managers in the company. So Steve is very adept in the areas of sales, operations, hiring management in both operations and sales, warehousing, distribution, international and domestic. This includes railroad and transit operations and sales as well. He has covered the Eastern half of the USA with his time at Airborne Express.

Steve is a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in hiring for Air Freight, Truck Freight (Asset & Non-Asset), Ocean Freight, Rail Road and Transit, and Warehousing / Distribution. Steve and his team can handle any of your transportation hiring needs, exempt only, anywhere in the USA, Canada, and overseas in Europe, Asia, and the middle east.

Steve earned his BA in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.


Transportation & Logistics Recruiter

Prior to co-founding Crabtree & Eller in 2004, Mark’s entire career was spent in Sales and Sales Management for Fortune 50 companies as both a direct employee and an independent distributor. He sold and distributed everything from disposable hospital and operating room commodities to devices for the operating room such as joint replacement implants and fracture management implants for Trauma. Mark has consistently ranked at the top of his peers, and was the recipient of many national awards. Working for large companies like Johnson & Johnson and Cardinal Health as well as owning and managing a small independent distributorship has given Mark a broad perspective and insight into Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Client Services and the Distribution of Products.

Through out Mark’s career, he was consistently chosen to train and mentor new personnel, a task that was very enjoyable to him and helped him identify personality traits and talents necessary for success. One interesting aspect of his sales and management responsibilities was that over the years there was ample opportunity to call on virtually every area of the hospitals’ operations from janitorial supply and Material Management to the C-Suites of Independent Health Networks and Orthopedic Surgeons in surgery prior to a case. These diverse product offerings and customer call patterns have given Mark the experience necessary to identify the right talent for the right position whether in Sales or Operations. Upon starting a new career in recruiting, Mark naturally recruited in the clinical market, but was fortunate to develop several good clients in the transportation sector which seemed to lead to more and better opportunities. One such opportunity was the introduction to his now partner Steve Eller. Steve’s dynamic and extensive transportation background made for a perfect partnership and the company was formed. Since the companies inception the focus has been 100% on Transportation and primarily in the areas of Sales and Operations.

Mark earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business from The Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas. He is an Eagle Scout and is still involved is Scouting with his sons. Mark sits on several philanthropic boards in the Denver area and is very active in family and church life.

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