Recruiting for Ground Freight Jobs

Where the Rubber Meets the Road! Sooner or later every ounce of freight from every corner of the world ends up on a truck for delivery. From the smallest delivery truck to the largest Heavy Haul Rig delivery is expected and made. We have worked with small “Mom and Pop Truckin’ outfits” with as few as 8 trucks to Regional Spoke and Hub Players with 75 to 350 “Power Units” and the “Big National Players” focused both on Domestic and Trans-Border freight with enormous fleets both owned and contracted.

We understand all aspects of FTL, LTL, Flatbed, Liquid Bulk, Heavy Haul and have worked extensively with Asset Based Carriers as well as Brokerage Operators and those who do both. As with most Transportation recruiting there is always a need in Trucking for Sales and Operations personnel, but we also have extensive experience placing Safety, Finance, Accounting, Administrative and Senior Management roles as well. Over the years we have heard the phrase “Truckin’ gets in your blood” probably a thousand times and we know what that means. More importantly, we know when we are talking to a possible candidate who has it!

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Air Freight Jobs | Recuruting, Headhunters

Air Freight contains those people who work from entry level to C-Level either in operations, sales, or transportation related support such as Fleet Manager, Security Manager, HR Generalist, Recruiter, Worker’s Compensation Manager, Safety Manager, and Administrative Assistant for Transportation. The company could be an Agent acting for the main company, it can be a company location that is wholly owned by the company, or some other derivation. Air Freight also includes Airlines, pick-up and delivery agents for the Airline, and Operations or Sales people. Again, this covers form entry level to C-Level.

We can also open a new Air Freight office for you either as an agent or company owned. I have done that about 20 times in my career. We also handle Express & Overnight Courier people, who are exempt, for entry level to C-Level operations and sales personnel. We also handle customer service exempt people, Labor Relations Exempt Management. The best way for you or your company to deal with us is that if it involves transportation, give us a call.

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Rail Freight Recruiting Company

Rail includes passenger both for Railroads and for Transit Rail. Freight includes Railroads that only handle freight and cargo. Right now we provide exempt operations and sales personnel for Freight Railroads, not Passenger Railroads, and Transit Rail. Transit Rail is for the Metro areas that use the train for commuting purposes in a specific city.

The Railroad Freight community is a tight knit group and good candidates looking for a job are hard to find. We find candidates for vendors with various rail products who want to sell to Freight Railroads or Transits. We also find operations and sales people who work directly for the railroad. Railroads have many sub-classifications but for our purposes we just talk about Class 1 Railroads (Passenger & Freight), Short Line Railroads, and Transit (what we call Commuter Trains).

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Logistics Recruiting

Over the last 14 years of recruiting specifically in transportation, we have learned the word “Logistics” can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  As the recruiter, it is our job to find out what it means to YOU!  So whether you describe yourself using terms like “Warehouse Logistics”, “Transportation Logistics”, “Final Mile”, “White Glove Delivery” , “Pick, Pack and Ship”, 3PL or 4PL (will there ever be a 5PL ?? J!)

We completely understand that you provide services that cover all or part of a product movement and with a good conversation about your particular specialty, we have the expertise to identify and locate top candidates with the skill sets you desire.   In our experience, because this space typically provides a higher level of service, in a complicated environment, both Operations and Sales candidates have to be a cut above in both experience, demonstrable success and business acumen.  We know this going into the search!

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Ocean Freight Recruitment Company

We have extensive experience placing top candidates in the Ocean Freight space.  We work with every size operation from a small regional NVO, Top 10 Forwarders as well as extensive experience with Top 12 Ocean Carriers.  Primarily we focus on Operations and Sales but have had success with Accounting, Human Resources and VP level placements as well.

Whether your focus is on Container Freight, RORO, LNG or Bulk commodities, we have worked across all aspects of Ocean freight and have the contacts to help you find key personnel in what is arguably a very tight knit community of professionals.

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