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Mark Crabtree

Prior to co-founding Crabtree & Eller in 2004, Mark’s entire career was spent in Sales and Sales Management for Fortune 50 companies as both a direct employee and an independent distributor. He sold and distributed everything from disposable hospital and operating room commodities to devices for the operating room such as joint replacement implants and fracture management implants for Trauma. Mark has consistently ranked at the top of his peers, and was the recipient of many national awards. Working for large companies like Johnson & Johnson and Cardinal Health as well as owning and managing a small independent distributorship has given Mark a broad perspective and insight into Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Client Services and the Distribution of Products.

Steve Eller

Steve Eller worked over 20 years for a multi-billion dollar global Fortune 500 company in a Senior Management role. He was involved with domestic and international transportation in operations and sales management. He also dealt with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters which involved 3,000 Airborne people and 26 Airborne Stations. He handled grievances, arbitration and contract negotiations. In addition, he was over the warehousing and distribution. Earlier in his career he was ranked as one of the top 2 Sales Managers in the company. So Steve is very adept in the areas of sales, operations, hiring management in both operations and sales, warehousing, distribution, international and domestic. This includes railroad and transit operations and sales as well. He has covered the Eastern half of the USA with his time at Airborne Express.