We Start with Comprehensive Search Initiatives
Crabtree & Eller, LLC tailors each search to the specific needs of our clients. We analyze the characteristics of every position and perform a cultural assessment of the job setting to ensure a Pinpoint Placement for your organization.
Deep Channel Sourcing

An extensive network of local, regional and National channels allows us to find the best talent for your organization. We access a deep pool of candidates. Getting to this hidden talent is what we do best—tapping a deep network of contacts to spread the word about new opportunities.

Proprietary Database Sourcing

With 12 years of candidate database development is searchable using one of the most sophisticated algorithms available—a collection of some the best professional industry talent in the country. We are entrusted with resume submissions that will never show up on job boards or in public databases.

Personal & Private Networking

After many years in the Transportation Industry, we have developed our own private network to help us find the right, only blue-chip candidates. This isn’t a commercial networking resource, these are all personal relationships that our developed over time!


Cultural Fit – Candidates must meet or exceed the job requirements but also we ensure a mutual cultural fit that is assisted by our structured assessment process.

Ethics – Candidates are screened for honesty, integrity, dependability, good attitude and punctuality.
Education – The candidate will have the proper level of education as determined by the client and job description.

Experience – We compare the candidate’s job experience to the job description to make sure that the candidate meets or exceeds the job requirements.

Motivation – We make sure the candidate wants to contribute to the success of a potential employer’s mission without any conflicts of interest or incompatible values.

Soft Skills – According to a research study done by Goleman, 2002, 181 jobs at 121 business Worldwide showed that 2 out of 3 abilities vital for success were emotional Competencies; self-awareness; social awareness, adaptability and interpersonal Skills to ensure the best candidate & position fit.

Sticking Power – We carefully use an assessment test on all of our candidates to help make sure that the costs of hiring & training are justified and that the value of new hires will be realized by our clients.


Square pegs don’t fit into round holes, and candidates are not successful in positions for which they not suited. Crabtree & Eller’s process for Precise Placements means that will provide a precise fit for each position. We pay attention to the details both of client needs as well as candidates’ personalities, skills, cultural fit and ambitions so that we have a true pairing.

So every candidate we submit to you and you hire will have Immediate Impact. So that means that the candidate on the first day in a new position will be equipped with skills & traits that will enable them to become immediately contributing to your bottom line.

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