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Over the last 14 years of recruiting specifically in transportation, we have learned the word “Logistics” can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  As the recruiter, it is our job to find out what it means to YOU!  So whether you describe yourself using terms like “Warehouse Logistics”, “Transportation Logistics”, “Final Mile”, “White Glove Delivery” , “Pick, Pack and Ship”, 3PL or 4PL (will there ever be a 5PL ?? J!)

We completely understand that you provide services that cover all or part of a product movement and with a good conversation about your particular specialty, we have the expertise to identify and locate top candidates with the skill sets you desire.   In our experience, because this space typically provides a higher level of service, in a complicated environment, both Operations and Sales candidates have to be a cut above in both experience, demonstrable success and business acumen.  We know this going into the search!

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